What do you do?

Most of the time, I felt annoyed by people who asked “when will you’ve finished your school?” or “when will you get married?” (this question popped up when I was attending friends’ wedding). Then, people DO change so easily. Nowadays, I got asked “what do you do?” then when I came up with “nothing, just searching” or “being a chauffeur for my mother” or “watching tv series” people start their glorious speech. God.

Yes, I graduated on August. Yes, I’ve been jobless for 6 months. Yes, I did literally nothing. But, excuse me, that doesn’t mean you can insult or give me a fricking glorious speech. You don’t know how I felt. How insecure I am when someone asked me that. I am well aware, rather than you, that I had no job right now. And that doesn’t give you the power to make me become so small and tiny and full of pain. That hurts. Don’t you dare to think that I’m doing nothing here, I DID. And do you realize that everything needs time, doesn’t matter what is. Don’t you dare to think that I am a picky one, I wanted to work so bad that even I could do anything. Too bad, mother prevents me doing wrong things in her eyes.

They always have another question to ask. There will be the-question-after. First is, when will you graduate from college. Second is, what do you do for living? Third is, when will you get married? Fourth is, when will you have a baby? Fifth is, isn’t it the time to have another one? and so on, and so on. For God’s sake….. People and their-want-to-know-everything-disease.

So, take your free time to think about your life more than mine. I got it under control 😉


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