Too much happiness is not healthy

I’ve told you, everything that always too much is not good.
Too much food, you got stomachache.
Too much make up, you look like a clown.
Too much salt, the food becomes so salty.
And, too much happiness, can be destroyed easily when a small thing come.

When you are so happy you couldn’t breath or when you’re so happy the buterflies come out of your stomach, that’s the time you should control it. The happy feeling. Once you consume to much of it, you will lost. You will vurnerable. And once you become vurnerable, everything will knock you down. Even the smallest thing.

I’ve felt it. It sucks. It’s like you know you’re drowning but you can’t do anything to swim back to the surface. Because, when something attack the happy feeling inside us, it takes all of the feeling. And you left alone. Blank space.

It’s not healthy.
At least, try to balance it by having some pain, too.