Rain and what comes next…

It’s raining again, today.
I look at outside from the window.
The flowers are being showered,
the grass are dancing because of the wind.

It’s raining again, today.
I look at my phone, hoping something will pop up,
a hello text or a call.
But no, the phone is still black, with no light.

It’s raining again, today.
I decided to write something on the blog.
I make a cup of cappuccino, and turn the laptop on.
But, I just sit there, stare at the laptop, do nothing.

It’s raining again, today.
But you decided not to come home.
Three years and I’m still waiting for you.
It’s suck.


To Eno

People are passing me by in a hurry.
Sounds of the machines are shouting so loud.
Cry and scream are everywhere.
My heart races.

I could see your family stand there, near you.
And also your boyfriend.
Not one of them are shedding their tears.
I step in, to see more clear.
They just stand there, looking at you.

I walk closer to you.
Nurses and the doctor are removing the machines from you.
One of them turning off machines, so the sound is officially off.
You look pale and blue.

Once again, I look at your family.
They stand still and stiff.
Then your father said,
“Come on. Don’t cry, we are strong. We have to be. For her.”
I could see your boyfriend is trying his hardest, clench his teeth.
While your sisters and brother hugging each other, saying “stay strong.”
Your father embraces your mother, looking at you.

You are loved.
22 years and 3 days.
I hope you’re placed in Allah’s best place.