Let us be happy

Someone is getting married to another one. People supposedly given them a blessing, congratulating them for perfecting their dien, being extremely happy for them. 

But, sadly, people are against the marriage. It’s not because they’re gay (in my country that’s taboo and prohibited), nor because the religion is different (yes, it’s prohibited too in my country). It’s because people think that both of them took away someone’s happiness. How come? You must be confused. If so, that’s the right thing to do, against the marriage, hate them, talking behind their back or even blocked them in everything that was related.


Everything or everyone, has their stories. But, not everyone understand or gladly share their version of the story. People just got pieces of it, trying so hard to pick up the puzzled things, assumed things, and judged it, then, voila! There’s the stories. Maybe it’s true, but it might be wrong too. So the best we can do is let it go.

Let it go? Why? Because, judging people is unhealthy and being judged is hurt so much you could die. Let it go. People said both of them took away someone’s happiness. And do you understand what’s the definition of someone’s happiness? Do you really believe that her happiness is the same as yours or them or us? No. The definition of happiness is different, it depends on the person ‘s mind. For me, happiness is when I’m home with my cats and phone and music. For others who dislike cats, that’s not happiness, that’s hell. That’s why, a happy occasion such as wedding, should be blessed so that the happiness in it will spread.

I, personally, wanted to apologize for making that someone cried and confused and sick of the words people keep saying. Please remember, what the people did, weren’t because they thought you’re so weak and hopeless and whatelse. That’s because they care so much about you whom got to know nothing while they seems like to know everything.


I got no right to say anything. Please, pretty please, be happy. Be extremely happy that everybody would die for that happiness you own. So, let us be happy with ours.