A Day in The Coffee Shop

It was a sunny day when I park my car.

I enter the coffee shop in town.

I order Cappuccino and a flat bread.

It was a sunny day when I start reading the book.

People besides me are having an important meeting.

And the coffee shop is not that crowded.

I like the smell of the coffee they brew.

It was a sunny day when a guy with a suit entered.

He drew my attention because of his smile.

He ordered and sit next to me.

He smiled at me, again.

It was suddenly raining when I was in the middle of the book.

People were running to the coffee shop, looking for a shelter, and a cup of coffee.

The guy besides me was already busy with his laptop.

I wonder what is he doing.

The rain is still pouring, people are coming.

I look at my watch, I only had few more minutes.

I look at the guy besides me, he smiled at me.

Peter, he said and gave me his hand.

I said my name, and reached his hand.

The rain has stopped. I close my book and drink my coffee.

I stand up and said bye to the guy in suit.

See you tomorrow, he said.

I smile and walk to my car.

I have a date, tomorrow.


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