Is it a crush?

Is it a crush?
We met on sunny day in June. You and your friends around you. Me and mine. Our eyes met. You slowly pull your lips to the left and the right side. My heart skips a beat. I awkwardly nod at you and walk away.

Is it a crush?
I remembered we met again on the party near my house. This time, you said hi. And we talked like there’s no tomorrow. All night long, I tought my heart could jumped out of my body because it beats really fast.

Is it a crush?
We met everyday. We always talked about everything, seems like everything is so important. We texted until midnight and in the morning we usually have a brunch date. And everyday, I am afraid that my heart is at its limit.

Is it a crush?
You held my hand for the first time in the middle of the concert of our favorite band. I am not pulling it away, too. We walked home, hand in hand and laughing at things. In front of my house, we locked our lips. I kind of glad and happy and I thought I would die of too much happiness in me.

Is it a crush?
I didn’t hear from you after the concert. You didn’t reply my text, you didn’t answer my call, you didn’t even show up in the party anymore. My heart broke into pieces, I don’t think I could piece it back again. How are you? Where are you? Why did you run away without me?

It is not just a crush for me.
I think I’ve fallen for you.
And I always think that, too much happiness can change in a flash. This is what happen when I let my heart win.
It is not a crush.


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