Move On

April 16 was my judgement day. To be honest, I’m completely a wreck. The demon took over my mind again and I was seriously beaten up. I couldn’t sleep well that week, I refused to think about anything, I wanted to disappear, as usual.
Then it hit me. How come I finished things if I always running away from it? I am not growing up. I am just leaving things behind, running away. So I started to pull myself together. I have to deal with that, was my thought. So I started to swim back to the shore.

I started the day with little anxious. I almost wear my converse, if Rita didn’t text me. Feel relieved when I saw Rio, and that time I really wanted to hug him, to release my weights. God doesn’t sleep, I whisper right before I entered the room.

I finally passed the final test with freaking much revisions. Rita and Rio were outside the room, even a junior of mine came to see me. That was really sweet of them. With that, all my emotion is clear. The demon is still there but I can conquer them, a bit. I thank God million times. Now, I’m finally moving on. To the next level.


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