No excuses

“If you love something, then how hard it is, you will fight for it. Even when you got no time, you still make a time for it.”

That line really make me embarrassed. As much of you know, I love writing, more than anything. I make a blog to write things in my head. But, I surrendered easily. I didn’t write when I got no time (to be frank, I got like 30 minutes break, and I didn’t use that time to write), I didn’t write when I got sick, I didn’t write when I was super busy doing my final exam (and hell yeah, I still got time to play games in my iPad). I am the worst. How come I talk to anyone that I love writing but I stop when I get busy, or when it gets hard? Seems like my mind is really have a lot of practice to make excuses. I sometimes hate it, no, I really hate my mind, tho, for all the negativity that comes from it.

I really wish I am strong.

Wish me luck in my judgement day (I still don’t have the exact day, to be honest), and wish me becomes strong, like really strong on that day. I really need that. 

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