I think I’m in love With You

I saw you in the beach near my house, on November. The first thought was, that girl is insane, what the hell is she doing in the middle of November, in the beach? But, I can’t move my eyes from you. That view of you and the beach as the background was really captivating. I put my coffee on the table and pull my coat closer, when the wind comes. But you didn’t. You still stand, face the beach, with both hands open, like welcoming the wind. Your white hat with a Tosca ribbon that match your dress, is flying. I could hear your laugh from my couch. Your brunette hair was a mess because of the wind, but you still don’t care. You make eyes contact with me, and then, in that moment, I believe I already fall for you. Even I’m not really sure what’s your face look like, because of the distance, but I am pretty sure that time, my heart beats so fast.

There you were again, at six in the morning, watching the beach. And it was kind of like a habit of me, watching you. And then you caught me, red handed, took a picture of you and the beach. We’ve known each other ever since.

I’ve seen a lot of your face. But, the one I can’t bear to see is your sad face, every time you look in to the beach. I know all of your stories, and most of them are devastating. I love when you told me those stories, because I could caress your hair, and hold your hand gently. I love taking care of you. But I hate that you’ll leave me again when the night comes. But I can’t complain, because I don’t want you to make the sad face.

Six years passed by. It is our seven years knowing each other. And ever since that day, I haven’t told you about something I always have for you. It’s so big that I, my self, am afraid that I can’t hold it any longer. Today you came, with a big smile on your face. Your brunette has gotten shorter, and changed to lavender.
“I am getting married, Kevin.” Says you with joy. You showed me your diamond ring.
“Beautiful.” I said. You hug me tight.
“You will be my best man.” You said, still cling to me.
“Oh, I thought only groom can do that.” I said, playing with your hair.
“I’ve asked him. And he said yes.” You smile.
“And, you will walk me down the altar.” You said again. I walk you to the couch, where we always cuddle, where I first watched you. You put your head on my lap, and we swing. You were humming your favorite song, while I caress your hair. Seven years, I hold my feeling for you. Seven years, I’ve tried not hurting you. And in that seven years, do you honestly feel I was just another man?, my mind screams so loud.
“You will be the prettiest bride.” I said. You chuckle.
“I love you, Anna.” I said and kiss your head. You were smiling and said, “me too.”


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