“Mint and Chocolate was My Favorite”

Mint Chocolate

It was sweet and cold and fresh. At that time I saw you smile happily ate the ice cream. And it contagious, I felt that might be a delicious ice cream. That was the first time I saw you. I decided to buy that ice cream, following you. I remembered the taste perfectly. And I also remembered how the wind make your long wavy gold hair messy, yet you keep your smile perfectly. I thought that you and the ice cream will be my new favorites.

The first time we kissed, was because of that ice cream, too. The kiss tasted sweet and your lips are cold. We were awkward, but I don’t care. At least I got my favorites, you and the ice cream. Snow piles up around us, yet we still ate the ice cream. In that moment I thought I found my weird partner.

We celebrate our three years together by the river, eating our favorite ice cream. That time, we were all full of love. We don’t give a fuck around. We completely drown by our love. That was really sweet, yet deathly. Because at the same time, I was afraid if I were drowned too deep, I couldn’t come back to the surface. I was in doubt, but I asked you to move on with me. Your ice cream fell to the water when you hug me and said okay. That time, I’m completely drown.

Moving in wasn’t as beautiful as I thought. We had a lot of debates, which always ended up with cry. At some point, I couldn’t take it and leave you. And, I knew, I shouldn’t. Because at that time, there was someone who brought you vanilla and cookies ice cream. And I really wish I could predict the future.

Now, one year after we go to our separate way, I celebrate our-five years-should-be near the lake. I bought the chocolate and mint ice cream. And a dusty pink envelope with your name and the one who made you fell in love with vanilla and cookies ice cream. I taste the mint and chocolate, after a year I stopped eating it. It didn’t taste the same and I hate it. I felt a tear comes down my eyes. That’s the perks of being way too sensitive girl, I assume. I stopped eating the ice cream, and stood. I left you. I should left the memories, too. I hope you’re happy with that girl.


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