A Cat Story

As I sipped my hot chocolate and watched my cats playing around, suddenly a silly thought struck me. “What if this world actually ruled by a cat? A giant cat that will get mad at anything or anyone who refuse to give him a big tuna or sardines.”

In a world beyond the imaginary, live a king who never have a queen or prince or princess, because the king loves being alone in his castle, in the north of the town. He doesn’t like sharing his things to others. The king hates socializing with his citizen, yet he loves to ask for tributes, salmon or tuna or sardines.  He has so many underlings, whom also loves to torture people in town. His underlings are cats from all over the country, who bow to him because of his power. The king never promised them anything but one, “you can take whatever you like, just like human do.” and with that words, his underlings multiples everyday. The king always takes a walk in the afternoon and if he met with his folks, they should give him what he loves the most. If they didn’t give him the tributes, he’ll get mad and tap them in the back of their body, to mark them. At that moment, you know you screw. Because the tap means, you’ll become a scratching post or scratching target for his underlings, every time they’re in town. You’ll suffer for the rest of your life, probably three days. There’re only one or two who can last for five days, because they keep hiding somewhere. But, don’t you dare underestimate the king’s underlings. They’re trained, and just like the king, the knew wherever you are.

One day, the king takes a walk with his best two underlings with him, Jennifer and William. Jennifer is a red tabby, she is beautiful yet deathly. And William is a rare breed Calico, with a cold heart and cold eyes. Both of them will walk side by side of the king. Suddenly, there’s a little girl comes out of nowhere, actually from the park bushes, and the king stopped his walk. The little girl is wearing a pink dress with laces and a black shoes. She has a golden hair, just like Jennifer’s hair. She brings a big crates in her cartwheel. She pulls her cartwheel and the sigh. Jennifer is preparing to attack the girl, but the king taps her, a cue for her to stop. The king watch the little girl carefully, she tries so hard to lift the big crates in her cartwheel. Until finally she pops a question, “can you help me?” to William whom already near her. William sniffs the crates to make sure it’s not dangerous, and he sniffs something that he and the king loves, fishes. William pulls out his sharp claw and opens the crates. The sweet scented, the fish smell, attracts Jennifer and the king.

“Dear your majesty, it’s for you and also for your two friends here.” said the little girl. Jennifer and William look at her with confused. How dare she asked the king to give this to them. The king steps forward.

“What is your name?” the king asked.

“Lily.” answered the girl with confident.

The king gives Jennifer and William some of the fishes and they started to eat. It was the best fish they’ve ever eaten. Lily didn’t go, she just stood there besides her cartwheel and watched them eating. Sometimes she giggles when she saw the king almost swallow the bones. And the king will stare at her, until she stops giggling. When they’re done eating, they want to go back to the castle.

“Girl, thank you.” said the king, with a shocked look from Jennifer and William. The king never said thanks. Lilly giggles.

“One thing, Your Majesty. May I touch your hair?” asked her. Jennifer and William knows, they have to protect the king. They stepped up and ready to scratch her. But the king, again, give a shocking answer.

“Go ahead, girl.”

Lily runs toward the king and caress the king slowly. And suddenly, she hugs him. The three of them were in shocked, of course. And then when Lily removes her little hand in the king’s body, Jennifer take an action, she pulls out her claws near Lily’s neck. But weirdly, Lily didn’t seem afraid of her. She just keep a sweet smile on her face.

“My mother is right.” Lily said. The king, Jennifer, and William look at her confused.

“What do you mean, little girl?” asked the king.

“Do you remember seven years ago, near this town, there is a beautiful girl who always gives you your favorite?” asked Lily. The king has a trouble look in his face. And then he looked at the little girl with shocked.

“Emily? Who are you, little girl?”

“I am her daughter. My mother said, if I go to this town, I have to see the king. He is the most precious cat she;s ever had.”

“What? She said that? Could you take me to where she is, girl?”

“I’d love to. But I don’t think you can bear with it.”

“What do you mean?”

“We will go to the graveyard on the south of this town. My mother dies a year ago. She said that even if you act though, but deep down, you’re so fragile. I supposed, you shouldn’t go there.”

The king stands frozen. He remembered seven years ago, he met this beautiful woman named Emily. She always kind to him even though he always insult her and scratch her. She always has a sweet smile whenever she saw him. She is the first and only human he ever trusted. 

“My mother gave this to me.” Lily pulls out a blue ribbon with something from her pocket. The king takes it. Suddenly, he mews. He mews sadly and so long. Jennifer and William stand still, although their heart is furious to know what happen to their king. It was a blue ribbon with a the king’s name carve in a metal. ‘Beloved cat, George.’

And…. End of story. I go back inside and crawl in my bed. I can hear the cats are still fighting. What a story, I mumble.


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