Happy belated Birthday, Brother.

Yeah. Noted the word belated.

I forgot my best-childhood-friend in the whole world birthday. I am definitely the worst. It was on January 6th. It took me a day to remember, that “Shit, I forgot to call and text him, yesterday.”. When I called him on the next day after his birthday, he said, “It sucks you forgot to call me, but I knew yo’re doing something that more worth than calling me.”. And by that, I am more convinced that I wont trade him for anything.

He’s 25 already. A quarter of 100 years he has. I always wish happiness will surround him. Nothing hurt me more than the day he cry his eyes out. I remember how he hates being called his full first name, and how he acts such a jerk, and talks big. Despite those, I knew he cares about me a lot. And that makes me happy. He always remember small things back in our glorious childhood days. And those memories always make me laugh more. I thank God for him. He is one of the people I treasure a lot. I miss celebrating his birthday with him. Almost seven years I didn’t celebrate his birthday. And I hope this year would be the last year. I hope next year I could be there, besides him, giving him a cake (he hates cakes) and blowing candles with him.


Once again, happy birthday, Donny. I wish you happiness.


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