First Post

Day 3: Write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

So, the first day I want to make a blog, I want to write about my life, to be honest. To keep me more sane, despite of the crazy things all around me. And actually I have done that. What I really want to tell. It was dark and so on. But I am not ashamed by that. I am who I was, now. And I didn’t feel shame anymore. I got some supportive guys behind me, I got people who truly love me, so yeah.

My life was dark. And now I can feel a little light is come to my way. And I appreciate that. I tried so hard to welcome the light, not closing my curtains as I used to. This is 2014 already. I have to overcome the past. I have to let go. You are all welcome to my world. It might be dark, but if you get a little light with you, thank you. If you want to share some darkness, I would welcome, too, I hope I could give you a little light 🙂


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