Who am I? Why am I here?

Hi. I am Adeline. I kind of annoying as person, because I have this little state of mental illness and selfish. It’s hard for me to talk in person, I’d rather write everything down. Because since it’s easier and such. I love reading and writing the most, you could consider it as my hobby. I did those since I was a small kid. I think that’s because I’ve had on a lot of pressures from my parents, bullied by the kids at school, I found books are amazing. Someone who can write something that could take me to wonderland is really something. Since that day, I knew I love doing those things. It keeps me sane, tho. The first book I’ve read is when I was at 5 grade, Alice in Wonderland. Yup. Found that on my schools library, the day I skipped the PE class. Then I continued reading kid stories, Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, All of a Kind Family, and Madeline (I was interested in this book because it has the same name of me, my name is not that common in my country.). Then after them, I read goosebumps series, Harry Potter series, and Sherlock Holmes series. Then comes the manga era. And until now, I got two big shelves back at my home, and another two in the place I stayed. Okay, enough of me.
Why am I blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal? I’ve tried that idea more than once, and not one of the books I had, fully written. Because I always find an excuse to stop writing it (actually, I did it to in here). But, in here, I could always comeback, because I’ve installed in my phone, my iPad, so when I looked at the symbol, I knew I’ve to press it and write.

The topics I’ll write about mostly my experiment every single day – what I’ve been through, and some things that I find them interesting, and a little bitching (don’t worry, not always.). That might be not that interesting, huh? But still, it’s important for me to write that, to keep me sane, to keep me think that every action will lead me to a cause, what will gonna happen, and such.

I’d live to connect with people around the world of course, that’s why I wrote it in English, so that everyone that understand English would understand. I’d love to read some of their stories, I want to get to know them 🙂

I hope that I could continue writing, and getting some advice that might be helpful, and have so many friends with their own stories to tell, and I could write with or without someone or something to pushed me first. I don’t want to sink in the procrastination :p

So, ciao!


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