Happy new year.

I will resume what the hell I just did in November-December so anyone who thinks I was dead, no, I am still here in the cruel world.

November, since I joined Nanowrimo, I couldn’t stop writing my stories, and that’s a good thing. But then again, until half days I’ve entered, my lecturer asked me to go back to my hometown to do my experiment. And back at my home, I got no internet access. My mother always online via her phone so she refused to get a wifi. And my signal is limited there, and that’s a shame. I stopped writing at page 45 in Ms. Word. That’s quite a lot, don’t you think? So yeah, in my first attemp joining Nanowrimo, I didn’t win it 😦

December comes, and I already back to Yogyakarta. A week later I was going to Jakarta, having some fun, with the whole family. Then when I come back again, I got some strings attached. Like the continuation of my thesis, one of my friend’s burden, and another task from my aunty. However, I made some new friends on December, Claire from Taiwan, Hannah from UK, Alan from Scotland, and Gabrielle from Italy. They are all from couch surfing website. I learned Italian from Gabrielle, too. And it was fun and hard, tho 😀 a long story I got to know them, but I’ll make this short, I am not a member of that website, still I’ve something’s to do with them. You know me, I am not that good joining a group or whatever where everyone get so friendly. I’ve trust issues, and yeah, I am awkward. But knowing them is something, and they’re, so far, didn’t disturbed me, so they’re just fine.

That’s all. I wish this year I could do so much better, and heal my illness completely. And I have to graduate soon, then I could travel and go to warped tour! Aamiin.
Ps, I spent my money like crazy on December. Now I’m bankrupt.


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