Wow. What a number.

Dear mother, happy half birthday of 100 plus one 😉

You know how I really hated you back then, but I just can’t really hate you, because, your my mother. My goddamn mother. What a bitch I would be if I ever really hate you, right? Maybe we started things badly, but I know for sure, I don’t want things end badly, too. I love you, mother. I couldn’t imagine what would I do without you. You’ve been a goddamn great mother to me ever, and I just couldn’t see it old days. Sorry mother, for what have I sinned. I love you. No matter how strict you get, no matter how mad you’ll be, no matter how annoying you can be, no matter how RIGHT you are and I hate it because you’re absolutely right, I love you.


(what a lovely cake, eh? I got it from google, as usual)


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