Paper Towns

I might seem too worship Mr. Green the day I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars. I had few defenses for that 1. That book is damn good, 2. He wrote it like I have to keep reading it, 3. He wrote a helluva story, 4. That book is really damn good. Is it too much? No, really, when you read books a lot, you will get it. It was a cliche story for sure, a sick girl and a sick boy. We really knew how or where it will end. But, what the hell that makes it better than others? The way he told the story. The way he keep being real but also being so imaginative. The way he make Hazel Grace and August just like us.


I just have finished another book by him. Paper Towns. The book is fun. Really fun, actually. You can’t stop reading it half way, you wanted to read it more and more and more, and wondering what’s next. It’s about childhood friends. The conflict begin with the main character, Q, stopped talking to his childhood friend, Margo. But he still has an eye on her (to be honest, who doesn’t? Well, in my case, my childhood friend and I are still get along.), he always keeps his eyes on her. But one day, Margo showed up in Q’s window, asked him to do a journey with her. They spent the night together, played around, then the next day, she went missing, gone. The other conflict is about Q and his friends, Ben and Radar. Then conflict with his parents, of course (only, it’s not that much because his parents are kind of liberal (?)). Next is about the long drive he took, the adventure he did, just to find Margo, dead or alive. And also, conflict with himself, what if he found Margo, what will he do, or about Margo is actually not what he’s been thinking all these times, how different she is.

In the last pages, or the last chapter, when they finally found Margo, I look at how thin the rest ’till the end, the book. I assumed that either Margo is dead or she’s nowhere to be found, and Mr. Green left us hanging. But thank you Mr. Green, for not allowing that, because you know, I will be devastated, and maybe hating you for that. She’s alive and explains things to Q. Oh, I love how Mr. Green always talks about life and I can relate to everything he said. I would like go “ooh, that’s totally right!” Then some things are wandering through my head.

Last, Mr. Green, thank you for making me travel that long, 19 hours drive by car, passing to my most-wanted-to-come city, NY, then find Agloe. Am I allowed to go there? Or should I found another paper town for my self? Because I kinda want to have a paper town for my self too, paper town for paper girl, right? 🙂

Ps : the next is An Abundance of Katherines. Really looking forward to it!


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