October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day” — and you get to pick Person X. Tell us about someone who deserves to be commemorated.

I will pick my favorite uncle of all time, Papa Vai. He is a doctor, internist to be exact. It will be thanks to him that me and two of my sisters could go to college. Although he’s not paid for our tuition, every month he gives us allowance. I used to rely on my scholarship fund, after four semester, Papa Vai decided to send me and my sister some allowance. It really meant so much for us, because without him, we couldn’t have saving. The scholarship we got only for once for one semester, not every month. Papa Vai not only helping us, his nieces, but also helping my mother. You know how much I love my mother (despite I used to be so hateful towards her). Papa Vai married my mother’s elder sister, Buk Yah. He’s not even related to my mother but he always take a good care of us.

Papa Vai, also always help his patients. Especially the ones who can’t afford to pay the bill, he will give them some free medicines and free the check up cost. Because he said that everyone should have a decent health care, and I just to be happened learn more about it. He is so humble, and kind and loving and everything. He always believed in people, that why so many always try to broke the trust. But still, he believed them. There’s this one day that Papa Vai got a patient that got no money on him, but he give him his valuable chicken. He said, this is my favorite chicken, doctor, I hope you take a good care of him. Up until now, Papa Vai still as the chicken. He intends to give it back to the man one day.

Not only the patients, also my big family. Papa Vai pay for the tuition of almost of her nieces and nephews. My cousin will be graduated in January in her Master degree, thanks to Papa Vai. Some of my cousins already got their Master. Papa Vai has children, in case you’re wondering. Two of them are doctors, too. One of them has work on the bank, got an economy degree. And one of them, sadly has a mental illness, but he still can functioning right. He dropped out of college (he used to study in medicine) and got married, has two kids (I am afraid that tone of them also has the illness. Sadly, he hasn’t been test.). But he still take a good care for us. Isn’t it amazing?

I really adore him. That’s why I want to be a doctor when I was little. Seeing him in the white lab coat is so awesome. And every time I watch Grey Anatomy or House or Royal Pains, or Private Practice (yeah, I love those shows), I always remember him, doing things like that. He is one of the people you don’t want to let down. I really respect him. That’s what I called, a hero. I wish him that health and happiness all around him. One day, I’d like to be the one who can help him. Or be the one like him.

Finger crossed.


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