1778 Stories of Me and My Wife


Yeah, you know what, yesterday I watched movies about writers. And that’s kinda inspiring.

This movie is about a writer’s life. This writer is so funny and full of imagination and an absolute dreamer, and yeah, just like a writer. This guy is a science fiction writer, to be exact. Even though he sold not so many books about it, he wrote it with heart, that’s why he always seems happy. The conflict begins on his editor asked him to write a romance novel, just like his fellow writer, who has been succeed moving from science fiction to romance. He declined it, for sure. It’s not like he can’t do it, it ‘s because he hates writing about it. He loves science fiction, that what will he write for the rest of his day. His editor asked him to give some little romance in his work. He then came up with an idea of a love between robot and human. 

But the conflict is still on, his wife had a tumor on her bowel. The tumor has been removed, but it’s spread all over her body. She only had one year to live, said the doctor. He was so devastated, and explained everything to his wife. The doctor said that laughter builds immunity. He is a writer, so he decided and promised to help his wife by writing a funny story a day so that it will protect her. No one can read his work, because it’s only for his wife, the first reader of every stories he made. At two first stories, his wife says, “It’s an essay, right?”, then he rewrite it, until she laughed. Writing a story a day is not that easy (and I know it so well.) but he kept up, he promised his wife to write a story a day, to brighten her life. Sometimes he run out of ideas, like everything has been written. And then, he did things that suddenly ideas popped out on his mind. That’s really funny because it really related to me, ideas is everywhere, but how we created it into a goddamn good stories, that one is hard.

After a while, doing two writing, for his editor and his wife, is kinda tiring. Especially when his wife is getting weaker. His editor asked him to write about his wife, but he rejected it. “I don’t want to sell my wife’s story. I don’t want to get any profit from it.” he said. And then, four years has passed, he had written so much stories, they believed that what makes her struggle for life. But then, God just being God, has another plan. The medicine for now didn’t work out, he has to change it to a more expensive ones. He agreed. He came to his editor, wanting to write a romance. He did it in secret, when his wife found out, she said it was the dullest thing he has ever written. He stopped. 

His wife condition was getting worse, so she’s bed resting in hospital. She couldn’t hold his writing anymore so he read it to her.  In these last scenes, I love when finally his wife looks so real, she was so sad that she knew she will die eventually. But she didn’t want to, she wanted to see his books in the bookstore, read his stories. That’s because she was so damn strong when she knew she had cancer. I didn’t think i would handle it like her, accepting things, things were changing and I extremely will hate it. But not her, she was so tough, so calm, everything! He still wrote for her everyday, and people all over the hospital wondering. When they knew, they supported him, gave him foods, shared him some drinks. When he writes, he become so ignorant to other things. No one can distract him, he lacks of sleep. In the end, his wife died on his 1777 story. He wrote the 1778 story, only for her so she can read it in other world. The scene where he wrote it, was so heart breaking. 

Tears, outright crying, a love story of love stories. Prepare your handkerchief if you want to watch it.

ps : it was based on true story, after all.


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