Stuck In Love


I remember that it hurt.

Looking at her, hurt.

(said the one who is hopeless romantic)

That were the first two lines of the movie. I fall in love constantly. I’m curious, why does it hurt? How? And then the camera is rolling, gave me a better look. The girl has nose bleed. But, is it really because of that? Or, because he saw her with her boyfriend, kissing on the hallway? 

I am enjoying everything.

I always looking for whatever’s next.

I think everyone is like that.

(and this one is said by the realistic)

This movie is really awesome. Yeah, because if it is not, I wouldn’t watch, right? Although mostly I pick movies randomly, and only looking by it poster. So, it’s about a writer’s life. A depressing one. He couldn’t write anything because he’s separated from his wife. He won PEN Faulkner twice, yet he stopped writing because he was too depressed to start. Almost everyday he watched over his wife new life from her window. He really is miserable. And then there’s  his son’s story, the one who is hopeless romantic and his daughter’s story, the one who is realistic. 

In the mean time, we will know why the daughter was so realistic, because she was hurt, knowing the fact that her mother cheated on his father. She never ever wants to be involve in love. She always do the one night stand. And that hopeless romantic guy? Guess he’s more like his father, believing about love and how one is made for each other. Making one happy every time they met. That’s love. So, the realistic will met a guy that changed her, so will the hopeless romantic. The father in progress moving on, one day he stopped by to see her ex wife, decided to put his ring on the window, but he saw her, reading his book. And in that time, he knew she still love him. 

The conflicts were great, I mean, I like the idea of how their each stories consist of the mother and the father. Rusty that was so depressed being left by her girlfriend, just like his father. Sam that was so heartbroken and cynical about love because of her mother, so she broke up with her boyfriend once she’s hurt. The little things like that, could make one whole story, it’s about trust, and love. And how you cope with broken heart, you let it go, you hang on, or you just not doing anything that was interesting for you. Finally, we knew why the father still wait for the mother. He kept his promise. And in the end, Rusty can cope his depression by writing (oh, I really want to meet a guy like this!) and get his first writing published. Samantha got back together with her boyfriend. And the mother went back home, in thanksgiving. What a story.

I could hear your heart beating.

I could hear everyone’s heart.

I could hear the human noises we sat there making.

Not one of us moved.

Not even when the room went dark.

(Raymond Carver – What We Talk About When We Talk About Love)

“And I think, that what writing is. It’s listening for that beating heart. And when we hear it, it’s our job to decide for it to the best of our abilities.” – William Borgens

“If love is setting a place on the table for someone who’s never coming home, I think I’ll pass.” – Samantha Borgens


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