Favorite Author

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.

My door bell rang. When I opened it hurriedly, I saw a red long hair girl, with a green eyes, standing in front of my door, smiling at me. I might mistaken her because of her hair is gotten long, but no, I remembered the smile. It belongs to her. But there’s a difference between her old smile and her smile this time. I first met her when I was nine. She was so little, and young and beautiful. Her red bob hair were messy because of the wind. Her green eyes were like a zamrud, so deep. Her mother, as beautiful as her, with a long red hair said “Be good with her, will you?”. I was like hypnotized by her and nod my head slowly. The little girl gave me her hand and said “Adele.”, nervous, I shake it and said my name quickly, “Derrick”. I took back my hand, then she smile. It was the most beautiful smile in the whole world. My heart was racing, like it will explode. But now, I can barely hear my heart beat. Her smile hurt. Only by looking at it, it hurts.

“Can I come or no?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

She comes toward me, I can smell her perfume. I close the door, then stare at her. She sits down on my couch and drinks my beer which was on the coffee table. She knows I was staring at her. She sees me with her green eyes, checks me out. I feel nervous, too quiet for her.

“You grew.” she finally said something.

I just give her a light smile. I want her to keep talking as usual, so I’ll know that she’s okay. But she stops talking suddenly. She stares at the books on the table, the laptop, then she sighs. She leans her back on the couch and close her eyes. And now I know for sure, something’s going on. And Adele won’t tell a word to me. She keeps everything to herself. That’s why I love her.

ps: I wrote this based on Paper Towns by John Green. Adele is Margo, Derrick is Quentin. And yes, I know this is not as amazing as Mr. Green wrote, it’s just, he inspired me. It’s my story, but Adele was like Margo and Derrick was like Quentin. Yeah, enjoy.



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