Before Midnight


Last night I was really bored, and not sleepy at all. So I looked on my laptop, wanted to see what I have. I watched two movies before went to sleep, The Bling Ring (damn, Emma and Taissa are so hot there) and Before Midnight.  What a way to spent my midnight, I guess 🙂

In this post, I will only talk about Before Midnight.  I decided to watch it because I like romantic movie, and I assume that only by its cover (the one that I post), and yeah, I am too easy to impressed. At first five minutes it played, I think this movie was about that man and his son, about how hard his son get along with his dad’s new wife. But then I supposed I have to stop assuming and judging movie. When the camera rolled again, I know that movie is about the two main characters, Jesse and Celine, a couple at the stage of life where the often painful questioning of a couple’s future begins. Nothing much goes on in this film but conversations between people. And the conversation, for me is just so sweet, and real and fun, just like a real world conversation or daily conversation. I like how sometimes Celine talked like me, and Jesse acted like my boyfriend (seriously, he is so damn silly like Jesse). And then, in the middle, Jesse’s mind really look like me, like one in the middle of the movie he told Celine that he used to want to become an adult, so that he can be independent, do everything on his own, but when he grew up, he wanted to slow down. It’s really like me, like what I’ve wanted so bad, just so real. I also like the conversation he had with the two of his friends, talking about his next book, the book is about perception, and I kinda write the same thing for my first book.  Delpy (Celine) said in an interview that the theme they share involves the choices we make in life and how choices lead to more choices even as the lives those decisions create become more fixed. Hawke (Jesse) said “We needed to try to address the harder, more difficult aspects of daily life and what it means when you get what you want, and what you do with what you want when you have it, and do you still want it?”.

Oh, and after in the middle of the movie, I don’t know why but I’m still thinking that maybe Jesse and Celine hadn’t married, yet. Maybe it’s because the way Celine addresses Jesse as his boyfriend, not husband. And there’s this space I couldn’t explain between them. But again, my opinion 🙂 Also, there’s this one question that stuck in my head, the one Celine asked Jesse “Will you be able to put up with me for another fifty six years?”. Jesse were laughing and telling stuffs. And then she asked about “If we could be together for another fifty six years, what do you want to change about me?”. Jesse answered “If I could change one thing about you, it would be for you to stop trying to change me.”. Damn, what an answer. The conflict got bigger when they’ve arrived in the hotel. And that’s one scene I really like. How everytime Celine got angry and then she went out for a bit, then she came back again, it feels like, even she really hate that selfish and idiotic and dumb-ass man, she still love him. I was so shocked when the last time she didn’t come back and Jesse didn’t chase after her. But then again, I should stop assuming 🙂 Oh and I love the ending, when Jesse read a letter to Celine, a letter that he only made up, like a story.

“We always think that we’re evolving. But maybe, we can’t change that much.” Celine

ps : I just knew that this movie was a sequel. the first is Before Sunrise, the second is Before Sunset. Damn, I should get the pieces back so I would understand.


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