Everybody dies anyway. I just die a hero.


It’s been a long time since I first saw this movie. Like, when I was in grade school. I honestly didn’t remember it clearly, all I know is, it was a damn good movie that make me cries. Tonight, I just feel emotional and tired and everything (blame pms), I turned on the TV and saw this. It’s already 30% played, and I just know, the exact scene that would make me burst into tears. It’s been years, but still I know. (Oh, and no, this post isn’t about the movie to be exact, in case you’re wondering. I inadvertently just have watched it.)

That’s what good movie is to me. The one that I didn’t have a hard time remembering the exact lines that they said or the exact scene that make my heart stutters, crushed to pieces, and make my tears rolls down. I will just know it. A good movie for me, isn’t the one with happy ending, isn’t about the villain lose, or about how great the actors were. It’s about the feeling, it will give me chills, my heart will start race, I can’t stop smiling and also tears are rolling in the same time, I can’t predict it and make me want to do something or create something. Same goes for books. That’s pretty heroic to me. That’s why I adore writers that turn my life upside down. They are rock-stars. They are heroes.


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