This time, I am gonna bitching about things I realize I shouldn’t bitching. But I couldn’t take it. Not until my best friend read my texts and calm me down. SO in the meantime, I would like bitching about this. If some of you hate it, don’t read. don’t ever start to read, because it’s full of hate.

there is this girl, a junior of my uni. My preceptor or supervisor asked me to contacted her no matter what, to asked for her measuring instruments that THEY did a while ago, about Family Functioning, to help me do my measurement. I text her kindly (really, not my type to be so kind to people I never met or I just met or whatever), told her about what my preceptor asked me. She did sent me an email, then when I found out, she sent me the journal, not the translated one (into Indonesia), I text her again and asked her about the translated one. You know what the hell is her response? “What’s your title, huh? Do you know, I worked hard, I translated that, not just accept it. If you didn’t know or get it, then you asked!” I was shocked reading that. Did I ever said wrong thing to her? Did I just hurt her or what? But no. I didn’t do anything that harm her, yet. Did she really think that I couldn’t translate it to Indonesia?! And you think I am the one that junior?! Like, excuse me bitch, but if it’s about translating English to Indonesia, it just take some hours. I don’t even have to looked up in the freaking dictionary. I even don’t think. Just write that freaking down. I was really freaked out, upset, full of hate, like I really want to meet that bitch and kill her. And do it with style, with English. Shit. That’s why I extremely be kind to people. Because being kind to someone I don’t know, is a waste of time, and I proofed it. Yes. She really hit me hard, hurt me in the heart, because turns out, it’s the schedule of the month. Menstruation. Screw you bitch, I don’t care if you don’t mean what you text, screw you. I really want to see you, punch you in the face and make your life living hell. You just insult me. And you got the wrong person to mess with. I am a slytherin. I could avada kedavra you without feeling guilty. fuck.

one thing you guys should do is, be more careful when someone in the pms mode, watch your freaking tongue, or in this case, your freaking fingers.


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