Somewhere Peaceful

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Yesterday I just answered a questioned that similar to this one. “If you had a magic door, where is the first place you will come? why?”

I answered “Greifswald, Germany.” and today I will also use that answer here, plus Essex or Bristol, UK. Why, you may asked. I want to go to Greifswald, not because I have been there three years ago. No. That’s because, it was peaceful and beautiful. I really like being there, sitting down on the grass for hours, watching people, walking in the park, walking in the rain, sitting and dancing on the beach, coming to every party. I can’t even forget the first time I was there, living with Rhea and Dominique, even though I wear veil in my head, I am a moslem, they didn’t judge me, they just accept me (I’d like to keep that positive thing in mind, because I also had the negatives that they got no choice than accept me). And there is Alina and Jona, two most kind people there, oh my, I really missed them so much. I don’t speak German, but they kept teaching me, talking to me with English as hard as they could, it was awesome. The city was so beautiful, especially in the Marktplatz. 

I choose Essex and Bristol in UK because I thought the same thing too. The first time I saw them in the internet, movies, or things, the first thing I said was “wow, what a peaceful place.”. That’s why, I’d really like to go there, one day. And if I could pause my real life, I’d definitely go there 🙂

7 thoughts on “Somewhere Peaceful

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