Friday Night

What do you usually do on Friday night? 

Me, nothing. Yeah, consider it was what I am best at, so that’s kinda boring. But this Friday night, i was doing random things that really cheered me up. In the evening, I was hanging out by my writing class in the park, discussing one of my mate’s draft. After we finished, we hang a bit more, talking about things, about our draft, about what we do, about everything. At eight pm, sharp, one of my mate, Angie, said that we really should watch Insidious chapter 2. I thought she was joking around, but no, she grabbed her wallet, pay the food and drink she ordered, then scream “Come on!”. 

When we were at the cinema, as I predicted it, the ticket was sold out. Considering, how people here were lining up early in the morning just to get the ticket. Angie was so furious. I checked on my iPad, wondering if the other cinema in town play Insidious chapter 2, too. Of course, but the last screening are on 8.30 pm, while we’re still the cinema 1. Angie sighed and said, we should watch the other movies. But she wants to know the movie rated on the internet. So we checked all the movies, and after vote for the movie, we choose 2 Guns. Yap, the one that Denzel Washington and Mark Walhberg playing. It’s on 9 pm, so the three of us decided to work on our stories. We haven’t even take a bath, we really looked like a mess, we wore glasses and start writing. Man, people were staring, and we didn’t care.

The theater door were open, so we rushed put on our notebook to bag and went to the stall, bought popcorn and orange juice. Before the film start, Angie kept eating the popcorn and drank the orange, then talking bout the movie trailers than were on the screen. When the film starts, we focused on it, until it contained blood. Angie afraid of blood, she said it was disgusting. Oh, you’re really a girl, I whispered. The movie was so interesting. I didn’t expect that the two of them are con man, I mean, undercover agent.  (whoa, spoiler alert.) Yeah, I like the plot, like at first I know nothing. I didn’t know that (spoiler alert) the two are setting up each other. Man, the conflicts were really great. I kept asking why, why, why. But I kinda knew the girl, Deb, has something  when she went to the luxury hotel and met Bobby, I mean, she looked so shock when he told her that Stig is a military agent. I love the story line too. I don’t know, I love the flash back, even though, it’s not enough explaining things, I mean, I’ like to see that Deb and Harold met in secrets, plan things. LOL.

So, after we finished, we went home with a big smile, ear to ear. Especially when Angie says, we should really watch Insidious together, again. This was so great. Doing random unplanned things like that really boost my mood. Even though I overslept the morning, when I really should do my script in Rita’s house. The Friday night was awesome.

How ’bout yours?


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