Self Esteem and Motivation

I don’t know what to do. People are cheering upon me.

They talk to me, give me advices, give me support.

But I rejected it. My body rejected it. My mind rejected it.

There is absolutely something wrong in me. And dark. And horrible.

So, the thing about self esteem and motivation are, it doesn’t matter how many people you have, supporting you, telling good things bout you, telling positive things to you, saying how smart you are, how beautiful you are, how talented you are, how sweet as sugar you are, (the lists are still going, you fill it in)

In the end, if you can’t believe it yourself, you will still absolutely feel freaking shitty. and useless. and worst. and fucked up.

Ah. What the hell am I talking about? Guess my illness is taking over me for a bit.



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