Hello Again, Rain.

This afternoon, rain is pouring so hard.

I’m still in my window, watching it drops.

A cup of chocolate and some books are ready in my desk.

But I feel empty, because rain reminds me of him.

The first time we met, it was raining outside the bookstore.

The second time we met, rain poured down the concert hall.

The third time we met, we both got wet because of the false weather channel.

The fourth time we met, he offered me his umbrella to go back home.

The fifth time we met, we were dancing in the rain.

The sixth time we met, I was watching the rain drops in the bookstore cafe.

The seventh time we met, he asked me to be his girlfriend, he’s so cute.

The eighth time we met, we were on our way to go out of town, stuck in logjam and rain.

The ninth time we met, you asked me to have thanksgiving with your family, and it’s raining outside my room.

The tenth time we met, rain was pouring so hard, non-stop, so we decided to cuddle in bed.

The list is still going, and the days I remembered the most is the ones with rain involved with us.

But then it happened. Rain stops coming for us.

The last time we met, we broke up in the park near my apartment. No, it’s not raining outside, it’s raining in my soul. I lost you. I lost my rain buddy.

I keep counting the raindrops in my window.

The books and the chocolate are calling me, to be touched.




3 thoughts on “Hello Again, Rain.

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