I love reading, the most. I could read one book for like 500 pages in a day, yes, a day. But now, since I really want to be a writer, my mentor in writing class said that “If you want to be a great writer, read books, with boundaries. You now have to see the books by a writer eyes, not just a reader eyes.” And in that moment, I just realized things I couldn’t get a freaking great review if I just read it as a reader. I have to read books by writer wannabe eyes, so I could learn things.

Back to the main topic. Bookworm. What’s my latest book to read and why people should have read it too? I just bought Paper Towns and Abundance of Katherines, by John Green. Those two are old books, but I don’t even care. And I only got few times to read, and much time to write (am I possible going to die because I am out of ideas?) I just read Paper Towns like half of the book, and yes, John Green has successfully pull me to his world. To Q’s world to be exact. I thought that John Green really loves writing about a lonely and mysterious girl as his main characters, and I extremely love that. He loves to talk sarcasm or metaphor, too. I should be done reading it. I have to make some time.





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