For Zae

There is this man I’ve been friend over six year. We’ve been friend since high school, since both of us entering an emotional and spiritual quotient training in our hometown. His name is Zaenal Fanani. People call him Zae, Jenal, Jae, but his families call him Ifan. Everybody knows him, who doesn’t? He is funny, and cloudless, and friendly, and extremely kind, and sociable, and a sweet heart (especially for mothers, they like him so much!). He joined basketball team while in High School, but he plays futsal / soccer well too (here’s improvement since high school until now – the last time I watched him play futsal / soccer). He is an active student back in high school, and I assume so did he in college (we’re not in the same college, but we’re in the same town).

Today Zae is getting older. June 10, 1989 – June 10, 2013, 24 years old. He should be in his best, right? But God had another plan for him. He is sick. Very sick, actually. I cried non-stop when I saw him the first time after he had the illness. I had to go to the bathroom and hide my tears there. I can’t stand looking at him like that. That’s not my Zae, I talked to myself. But I had to be strong. Because that’s what Zae is. He is strong. My best friend once asked me, “what will he wish for in his birthday?”. It took me minutes before I could answer it. Yeah, what will he wish for? A cure, of course. Good health, good job, making his parents happy, get married, that what I answered my best fiend question. So, Zae, be healthy again, be cheerful again, be happy again. We always wish you the best, maybe it’s time for us to help you, to make you happy again.

Happy birthday, Zaenal.We miss you, your laugh, your jokes, you.

Get better and kick some ass! ❤

zae(zae is the one in the middle)

ps, I am fully aware that I just posted it on June 14. I was so freaking busy. Sorry.



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