Aisyah Fatma Ayunani is her full name. I used to called her Ayu, Aiu, Aisyah, Ai. I met her in college, in my first semester? or second semester? We became best friend after that. We used to hang in her boarding house in our lunch time, or just to sleep, or want to poop or pee, or want to watch horror movies and not attending class after (LOL). She used to live near our campus so that’s why it’s so cozy for us. She is from Cilacap, but now her parents lives in Purwokerto (too much information, eh?) She’s funny and cute and kind and everything! (I would be killed if I bad mouthing her :p but no, really, that’s the truth) This girl is turning 24 on June 13th 2013. We, Angels, couldn’t give her a party on that day. One of us was working, one of us was doing chores, one of us was too far to go here, the other one was sick after tooth extraction, while me, busy scrapping things :p Sorry, Ai, for not being there in your birthday 😦

Happy birthday, Ai.

I hope you get all the happiness this whole year and also for the next years ahead.

I hope you well always.

I am sending hopes and dreams to your way,

May all be good and all come true.

Let’s promise to make this year even more fun, baby girl!

angels3(No, this time, the one name Aisyah is not the one wore Toga. Aisyah is the one who wore purple clothes)

“Selamat ulang tahun. Semoga kebahagiaan selalu menyertaimu sampai tahun-tahun kedepan ya!”


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