Hey Monday!

No, this post isn’t about the rock band from America, which the lead vocal has won the voice season 3, Cassadee Pope. Altough, I think I would take a lyric from the band of a song that called ‘Hangover’.

Oh my God, what’s wrong with my head?
I’m sweating with the chills still in my bed
Tell me how I’ll ever make it through

So it’s Monday again. And seems like, after a week I am being sucked non stop by the thing called ‘you-have to-write-or-you-have-to-pay’ game. I surrendered yesterday. I will pay today, IDR 20.000, in America dollar it will be, 2 dollars I assume. For me, it is A LOT OF money I have to pay. With 2 US dollars, I could get two fried chicken and ice tea, in Indonesia. Especially in Jogjakarta. (sigh)

I have an idea. Wait, A FRICKIN’ LOT OF IDEAS. It’s just, yesterday I was sick, and tired, and not knowing what to write, how to put the words together. Pity me. In Indonesia last weekend was long weekend because of the national holiday on Thursday. I went to Jakarta, on Wednesday night and I have to write on car, all the way to the hotel. After I posted my story, I want to puke. So I stop by to the mall just to posted my story and puke. Disgusting and tiring. Yesterday was Sunday and I am not in the mood to write anything really. I’ve made 150 or more words, but then I stopped and finally said to myself that “Screw this, I’ll just pay”. And I pull my blankets over my head and just sleep.

Today I woke up early, frickin’ 4.30 am! I’ve to chaperone my sister and her friend to the airport because they’ve a research in Bali. My head was spinning and I am so damn sleepy. A drama has occurred this early morning, which is called ‘Where the hell is car key?’. Almost half an hour we’ve searched it and finally found it on my car (wtf!). I was back at home at 5.45 and I went to sleep again. My peaceful sleep was being disturbed by my lil’ sis. She asked me to take her to her college. (at this point, I don’t even know I am dying already or not)

Ah. That’s was my monday so far. Bad, I got a headache, flu, and things. Wish today’s writing class fun.

And I wish your monday was better than mine.




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