In The Kitchen

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Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words

We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges are here to help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles.

This week, tell us a story based on this photo:



Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

 “Prang”. My spoon  fell off of my hand. Worriedly, I pick it up and put it into the sink. I take a new spoon and do the plating things. “Relax, Billy. It’s not like we’re trying to rob a house or something”, said my partner, Emma. I stare at her with anger and said “Oh, yes we’re not trying to rob a house. We are just trying to poison our Queen. Our goddamn Queen! You try to relax on that!”. “SSSSH! You can make everyone join us, you little prick.” Said her tries to keep my mouth shut.  I keep plating the food for Queen and she keeps doing what she’s doing best, making poison. Then I remembered our past….

“Billy, you’re good at kitchen, right?” asked my brother in law one day. “He is a chef, you idiot. Of course he is good at kitchen.” answer my wife to her brother while giving us a new beer to drink. “Well, I have this vacancy from a friend of mine, to take care of castle’s kitchen. You want to join or what?” asked him again. I am practically in shock. Working on Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen or Jamie Oliver’s kitchen are already a mind blowing thing to heard, but this… This would be my whole body blowing, like a firework, no lots of fireworks. “Billy, you still there?” he is waving his hand in front of my eyes. I am back to reality and the first thing I said is “What?” “Are you serious, Harry?” asked my wife full of shocked. “How do you know? Is this for real? Are you joking around? ‘Cause if you are, I am going to kill you again and again and again. Especially if this is one of the stupid television shows…” said her looking cautious. “Will you just shut up? You’re noisy. I am serious. A friend of mine told me that they’re looking for a new chef to work at the castle. She is working there right now, Emma. Emma Birlkin.” Explain Harry and then he drinks his bottle. “You mean Emma Birlkin the famous young chef from Wales? She is your friend? Why won’t you tell me something! Since when she is your friend?” my wife is terrorizing his brother. “Bloody hell, Mary! Shut up! I met her at work. Turns out she is my boss’ friend.” shout Harry loudly. The kids are looking at us and then Mary said to Harry, “This is your fault, you arsehole.  I’ll take care of the kids.” while Mary is playing with the kids in the backyard, me and Harry continue our conversation. “So, Billy, want to join the gang?” asked him one more time. I fell hesitated. I have to think it carefully. If I cooked for the castle automatically I will serve the castle all my hear and willing to spend approximately three months of the year away from London, away from Mary and the kids. “When will it start?” I asked Harry. “Well, I will meet her in two weeks, so prepare yourself.” Answer Harry and give me another bottle of beer. “To the future” he said and toasts my bottle. To the future, I mumbled and drink it.

That’s the beginning of this. The beginning I’m joining this gang, to murder the queen. Emma is done stirring up her poison and then gives the last touch in my plates. “Good night, my almighty queen” she says and smiles. I want to throw up. I want to scream as loud as I can, to call the guards. I want to stop her, and the gang. Turns out Harry is also one of them. Harry is the one who searches for people that “raw”. People like me. People whom they can control to rolled me up and get promoted in what I’m best at, cooking. They plan these years ago. First they put me in the Kitchen Porter position, then after two years I get promoted to Apprentice Chef. When I was promoted to Apprentice Chef, the Royal Household supported me to complete my NVQ qualifications. I have attended college one day per week on day release for the past three years and have now completed all three levels. The other chefs in the kitchen also provide lots of on-the-job training and advice. There is always a lot to learn and the Household is committed to enabling employees to develop both personally and professionally. And now, I am the dinner chef, while Emma is the head chef. I am really grateful of all of this to the Royal Family. But this thing…

“For God Sake, Billy, what are you doing? Don’t keep it too long. We don’t want this blew us. Come on, give it to Steven out there!” yell Emma. I look at her like I want to rip her body apart. But they got my kids. They got Mary. Until this plan goes softly, I am not allowed to meet them. Bastard. I put aside my emotion to get the main course on time. Emma is right beside me, patrolling, to keep me straight. Steven is outside the kitchen with the tray. I put the food there, with guilty. While Emma is smiling. “Come on, Billy, we got to prepare the dessert” whisper her while Steven walks away. I follow her back to the kitchen. This is not happening. While Harry and the gang get the guards off, we make poison, wait, Emma make poison, and I cook I’ve been poisoning the family for half year, and now this is the final touch. Emma is taking her gun in the food cabinet. She gives me one, to protect myself she said. I follow her lead, walk out of the kitchen, she smiles to see her gang, I smile to see my family.

(sorry for bad English)



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