In A Cafe

Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to another, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.


She sips a drink in her hand and look away to the window. It’s raining outside and not much people want to stop by, unless they’re walking and already have an appointment here. So I have some time to observe people in this café. She’s been in the table for twenty minutes. She kept looking in her phone every second. Suddenly her eyes burst into tears. I don’t hear a loud crying voice, instead she has this little voice of her, trying to keep her voice low, and people away. Too bad here behind the counter where I sat I can look at her clearly. Her phone is ringing and she tries so hard to be cheerful to the other person on the phone. When she hung up, she puts both of her hands to cover her face. I know she’s crying. This time, she doesn’t even care of people. I decide to put some songs to cover her cry.  She looks at my direction and said “thank you”, I replied her with my head gesture.


There’s this man with his laptop for about an hour in the café, right before it’s raining. I thought he didn’t wait for a company, but then I am wrong again. There is this girl with a black jacket and jeans, also a black converse, coming to the café, a bit wet because seems like the rain were heavy. She is looking for someone, and when the guy with the laptop sees her, he waves his hand. She feels relieved. The guy walks towards her. “God, you’re all wet” he said worriedly. She just smiles and opens her jacket. “It’s okay. It’s raining water, not blood” said her. “Ah, sir, may I have a cup of hot chocolate for my friend here?” the guy asked me. I nodded and move from where I sat. “Sir. Please make it two. And do you have anything that matched that?” she asked. “I got cookies, marshmallows, and cinnamon toast, buttered”, I answered. “Man, those three sounds awesome. I’d like to have those three, is it okay?” she asked the guy. He just nodded and smiling. She said thank you to me and walks to their table. Meanwhile the guy is still standing beside me. “Do you need something?” I asked him. He smiled at me and said “This is our three years together. I want to propose her here. May you put this ring in the middle of her foods? And make it as beautiful as she is?” the guy get a small box from his jeans’ pocket. How sweet. I nodded and make sure they won’t forget this rainy day.


Rain is still pouring outside even though it’s already night. I looked at my watch, I still got few more minutes before closing. Only a man sits in the corner of my café. I polish glasses in my counter when I see two girls walk, or should I say run towards my café. The smaller one wears a little pink umbrella and a pink boot. When the bigger one wear a blue raincoat. I put the glass and the wiper in the counter to welcome them. “Welcome…” I said and then smile at them. “Daddy!!” shout the little girl. She puts her umbrella on the floor and run toward me. “Belle, you should put your umbrella in this can! Geez, kiddo.” said the girl with blue raincoat, acting a grown up. She puts her raincoat in the hanger and takes Belle umbrella in the can. “You should take your coat off before you hug Dad, Belle” continue her. I just smile hearing that. “You sound like an old woman, Ashley.” Said Belle while take off her coat. I help her to hang in the higher hanger. She runs to the sofa. Ashley just rolls her eyes and follows her. “I make you some chocolate, alright” I enter the counter and see the man who sits in the corner smile. “You’ve got some cute children. How old are they?” he asked while I’m making the hot chocolate. “Thank you. The small one is in third grade, while the big one is in fifth grade.” Answered me. The man drinks his beer. “My wife left me two years ago. She took our daughter, Lily” he started to tell a story. “I’m sorry to hear that” I said, adjusting my deep condolence. “Yeah I know. Anyway, I’m stable now and maybe I will asked for together custody” he continues his story and sip his last beer. “That’s great” I answered while giving two chocolate to my daughters. The man smiled and put some money in the counter. “Thank you, Sir. Have a great night. You two girls…” he said while walking towards us. My girls shout “you too, Sir” and he smiles before he left my café. What a day, I mumbled and suddenly I hear a loud horn and a brake. I asked my girls to stay in the café while I run outside. The man just had an accident. I called 911 and trying to keep him breathing. My girls are looking worriedly at me. People are coming.

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