Welcome, Summer!


*inhale* *exhale*

*putting a good smile*

So.. the last post was about my complain of things I’d rather not talk about. I am sorry. But, gladly, that’s fit of my url and my theme. No need to make another fuss abut it, shall we?

How are you? It’s the end of May, and most of you are welcoming the summer, I guess. Summer. It’s great for people who live in four seasons country, I think. For me personally, I’d prefer Winter and Autumn. But still, I can’t stand the cold. Once when I was in Germany for two weeks in March, the temperature was like 5’C, and the lowest when I’ve been there was -7’C. My friends and my hosts who stayed there said that, “this isn’t cold”, “we’ve got -40’C back then and couldn’t go anywhere”, “oh, there’s the sun, let’s lay outside!” and many more positive talks. I just sighed and decided to watch TV in the apartment with the heater on. Even I still wore three clothes and sock and jacket and gloves. Especially when I am out for the workshop, I wore five! Ridiculous weather, but fun. Too bad I couldn’t feel the snow 😦 next time maybe ;p

Summer. Reminds me of the name of a movie, which Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt played. Some of my guy friends (ehm, friends), were really mad at Summer. They hated her for life. They called her bitch for abandoning Tom, and after what Tom did for her. To be honest, I do hate Summer. But, I love how it ends too. Happy at first, and in the end, she broke up with him, and he got broken heated. But still, Tom got a new one in the end, Autumn. The most favorite scene for me is where they were in a park, sitting and taking. Then Tom says to Summer that he really hopes she is happy. That’s the beautiful line.

Summer for some of my friends online and offline, was about not having school (YAY), warped tours, parties, travelling, beaches, pools, lemonades, bikinis, sun-tanned, burns, sun-dresses, hats, flip-flops, shorts, cold beers, and so much I forgot ;p

So… Summer. What have you prepared to welcome it? 😉




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