Brand New Adventure


Recently, about two weeks ago, I joined a community. A writing community, to be exact. It’s called “Akademi Bercerita” by one of a publisher in Indonesia, Bentang Pustaka. I honestly hate to interact with other people by face to face, and talk about things, introducing myself, etc. But because I need to be a better and better and better writer, I have to. I have to change. I have to make my writing worth to read by people. So I decided to join it. 

It’s a small class of fiction, only 10 students and a guide, and a teacher (he is one of an editor from the publisher). We shared a lot of things here, telling ’bout our stories, our problems when writing, tips and trick, and many more. It’s fun and educating. (oooh, look who is saying. can’t believe how different I feel, maybe because it’s about thing I love, writing. maybe)

hopefully, when I joined this community or class, I could gain more education and info of writing. also, to be a better writer and have some books published. dream comes true 😉




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