A Little Info

So… As I’ve told in the post before, I joined a writing class. And today, we just make a game of 35 days of writing (pretty much like what I did before) in our blog. And of course, it’s about telling some fiction stories in Indonesia. Our blogs will get linked to the main blog of our class. There will be judges, by a writer, an editor and the admin of the blog/web. We’ll get some prizes and if one of us didn’t write a day, we’ll get fined, 20.000 IDR 😀

Well, because of that reason, I will post some of my stories and an usual posts in Indonesia. But don’t worry, I will still write in English for all my blog follower who didn’t understand Indonesia (oh please, like I am a celeb).

So, just finger crossed I could win this game and get so much money :))


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