Thirteen Reasons Why

Call me out of date or whatever, but I just read Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. And you know, it like I was sucked by the book to never stop reading. It is hard, because when I was hungry, I would say “wait, two more pages” and end up until ten pages and I am not hungry anymore. Then when I was sleepy, I would say “five more minutes” and then I end up an hour so. This was no good. Because I couldn’t do anything which were important, I guess. (But, what are more important than reading books?) And the feeling I felt, it was years ago. The first time reading Harry Potter’s series. This book is seriously intense, and killing me, and make me curious at the same time. Jay Asher is a great story-teller, no wait, he is an amazing writer and amazing words-player (Is it really exist? The word I wrote? Ah. To hell with that).

I, honestly, just like Clay Jensen, when I heard the first cassette from the first time, I thought that everyone around me were heard that too. I am being cautious. Then I realize, I was being so freaking stupid. There would be no way people would hear it too, it was freaking written! Then I continued, got shocked, like something hit me in my chest. Something heavy. How Hannah Baker’s words, mostly like my words. No. How Hannah Baker really felt, how Hannah Baker is really just like me, depressed and suicidal. The only differences are 1. I am still alive and 2. the situation (but it pretty much told a bit side of my story too, actually). Especially when the book is going to the end. Where Hannah met Mr. Porter for the first time in his house, and trying so hard to opened up. That moment…. I was extremely be both, Clay and Hannah. Like I, myself, talk to Mr. Porter, and also, I, myself, scream at him, telling what to do, not……letting her go.

Oh Lord, thank you, for letting me alive until I read all of the amazing books I’ve only saw in Tumblr, really, thank you. So that when I die one day, I would regret nothing. And, by the way Jay Asher, you become my second new favorite 😉



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