New Muse

“For me, a good book is a book that click my brain to write again, as soon as possible” – Bernard Batubara (@benzbara_)

(And I extremely agree with that.)

I always think that I read books because I like them. Yes, I do like them. A lot, you may say. but with all these John Green’s books, I think I am in love with one by one characters there. I don’t know how to explain it, but Oh The Almighty God, I am really thankful for making John Green alive (and please, please, please, make him healthy all the time so that he will always find happiness in his life and so that I could enjoy all of his stunning works. Aamiin.)

(Am I exaggerating too much? No?)

I  think that Hazel Grace (in The Fault in Our Stars) is really just like me, (not the physical appearance, of course), her mind. John Green described her really well in that book, so that I could relate so much things in my life just like hers. Especially her curiosity and sarcasm and different things she liked than others. Then I read Looking for Alaska. Alaska Young. “The gorgeous, clever , funny, sexy, self-destructive, screw-up, and utterly fascinating”, describe John Green. I only relate two of those words, self-destructive and screw-up. I am in love with Alaska Young because she is full of mysteries, and moody. Just like Takumi said in the book, “People are moody, dude. You gotta get used to living with people.”. (And I don’t know what to write about because out of the blue, my old man called me, then POOF. Gone. What I want to write. And it is suck.)

Oh. After reading Looking for Alaska, I suddenly feel like grieving. I still have some mysteries to figure out, yet, POOF. Gone. And I don’t feel like telling people about this book. You know, just like Hazel Grace in The Fault in Our Stars loves An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. The exclusiveness that belongs to me will go, the feeling I have will go, and the mysteries and questions I want to solve by myself will be shared with other people, and somehow, I don’t feel like sharing. I don’t want other people know this freaking stunning book, ever. (Too late to say that, I realized.)

John Green never fail to pleased me. And I am looking forward to read Paper Towns and Abundance of Katherine. (Yeah, I couldn’t afford to buy the fourth of his works in one time, sadly)

The thing is John Green (if you ever read this blog), you are my new muse, my new J.K. Rowling from America. And today, I am extremely glad that I am still alive (never feel this way before), to read your books. Thank you.




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