“You once said you loved me. Do you still?”


I hate missing you. I hate being apart from you. You know, like the whole world is against you and all you could do is sit in the corner, hoping there would be someone  who would save  you. Yeah, just like that.

I hate missing you. I cannot explain the extent at which I miss you. I can’t function without you. You might think I am exaggerating  but no, that’s what I feel. I go crazy without you here, by my side.

I hate missing you. I need you in my life and I hate how things have been between us. Everything seemed so easy when I had you. Now, I have no will left in me to live. Seriously, that’s horrible.

I hate missing you. You know, it’s like everything seems so wrong without you here. The sun shines too bright, the rain comes down so hard. I’d give absolutely anything to hear you say my name right now.

I hate missing you.  I remember your huge smile like I have just seen it yesterday. I just never felt fully okay, since you left me here, alone.

I hate missing you. Well, I do miss your company though. I miss the way we were so comfortable together. No one even compares to you. Believe me, no one ever.

I hate missing you. You still come up in my mind daily, for little things or big. Flash backs of memories that made my heart melt. Even just dreams. I sometimes love when I had a dream with you in there.

I try not to miss you. But in the end, I still do 😦 To the break of dawn dear, to the break of dawn.



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