A Story


People barely know him.
He always sits in the corner of the front row,
To watch people, he said.
He has a glasses that frames his face perfectly.
He always had books on his hands,
On his table, on his bag.
No one knows him, except this one girl.

People know her.
She always sits in the middle of her girls,
To be a center of affection, she said.
She has long and wavy burgundy hair,
That always smell like flower.
She always cheerful, kind, and beautiful.
She has much friends.
But, still no one knows her, except this one boy.

The glasses boy and the red hair girl met.
She pretends she doesn’t know him,
While he is sticking his nose on his book.
That’s, what people see.
Truth is, they’re holding hands.
In the bus to school.

One day she didn’t show up.
He waits patiently on his favorite spot on the bus.
But, she never jumped on.
He waits her at class, pretending to read.
But, she never showed up.
He’s worried, the look on his face is changing.
What if something happen to her?
Because only he knows the truth.
“I am in the park” she texted him.
He rushes from school and run there.
He sees her laying in the ground.
He breathes so fast and rough.
She notices him.
Her burgundy hair looks like blood in the grass,
She smiles and says “you look awful”.
He doesn’t care about what she has said.
He pulls her long sleeves and sees new fresh cuts on her wrist.
“you broke our promise” he says, angry.
Her tears fall down.
He hugs her.
They remain silent.

People barely know him.
He is a quite guy.
People know her.
She is an attractive girl.
On his hands there’s no book anymore.
There is a beautiful hand he promises to protect.
Her hands.
People look at them, whispering.
She smiles, and so does he.
“I won’t let you slip off of my hand anymore” he whisper.
She smiles widely.
She knows him forever.
And she loves him more than anything.



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