Hontou ni, Gomenasai~

Yes. I am sorry. So sorry for not updating my blog.

The last time I wrote was November 2. Then, five days after that I went back to my hometown because my boyfriend’s sister was having a wedding (which will I tell in the next post). Then, a week after, I got back here, but two days later my mother was coming. A week passed by, she went home. Well, not so fast, with her last night in Yogya, I got sick. And today I just got better. I could get off of the bed and do things. I almost went to hospital (which I really don’t want to), thank God I didn’t. Phew. But, in my sick and a bit busy time, I could write some stories and poems in my wattpad account 😉 Which probably will I wrote here too 🙂


Sorry and, wish me getting well soon! 🙂



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