Welcoming November

November is coming to town.

Ah, with or without you notice, it already comes. Hurt? Of course I am. Sad? Correct. Guilty? So much that I could die. Ah, I really hate time moves so fast. It doesn’t wait for anybody. I wish it could stop for just three days. Give me three days to feel again, to be more alive, to be happy, to be with him. Three days without clocks ticking. Three days with stopped time. Because I am afraid that another moth will be replied. “November please be good to me” what the hell is the meaning of that? I don’t really believe that, sorry. Or, “November, be awesome please”. What’s the point? No, I am not being a pessimist or soul sucker thing or else, it’s just…. For me it’s useless. It’s about you. You doing better things than previous month. You doing your hardest this month than the previous month. You doing meaningful things on this month.

November is just a month. A time. A thing that shows you, that days have passed, weeks have passed, months have passed, and it’s finally almost the end of the year. November can’t do things. It’s only be right there, do nothing about you, your life, yourself. It’s you who have to do the action. Not November, nor December, or else. It’s you. Want to be better, you do it. Want to be brighter? You make it. Want to be awesome? You try it.

Yeah. What the hell did I just wrote? :p Anyway, Welcome November. I would be better this month. And you, just have to wait until I proudly said, “congratulation for being there, November. Witnessing me and my life moving on” 🙂


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