I think everybody has that something that they regret. It maybe something you’ve regretted not doing, someone you’ve regretted letting go, or something you’ve regretted not choosing. These regrets are haunting you every day, accompanied by these words; “what if” and “should have”. It kills you to have made those decisions. It pains you to have chosen something that turned out not right. And if you could only go back to those times, you would change it. But you know you can’t, you never would, and you never will.

But if we could travel back in time and it will make us able to change whatever decision we regretted making, our future and present would change. People who came, the memories we made with them, the places we went to and the right choices we made after that past regretted decision would not exist anymore. The future, which is actually our today, would drastically change. And before we know it, we will regret it even more.

You see there are reasons why we do what we do. And as much as reality dismays us, sometimes these reasons are unknown. Lucky are those who have found their reason, their zest, their purpose. Some even hate what they do but they go do and finish it, all because they have a reason. It’s their motivating factor. It’s what inspires them. But there are also those who haven’t. For them every day is an unending cycle of mundane life. It’s always a struggle to get up in the morning and go to work, or to school, or to anywhere you should be in the morning, if you don’t even find happiness in it. Some like what they do, but that does not mean they are happy. They long for happiness, contentment and love. They are the ones who although not alone, find themselves lonely. No one is supposed to feel that way.

But life is life. It’s a cycle. No matter where you are today, you are not going to spend the rest of your life there. Somehow, somewhere, in the middle, you’ll get tired of it. And then you’ll want a change. And there enters your decisions. It may come out as something you would regret in the future, or it may turn out to be the greatest decision you’ve ever made in your entire life.

Would everything change? Yes. Nothing is constant.; Only death.


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