I wish I were . . . . .

I wish I were a kid from a rich family. I would buy anything I want. I would hold a party everyday, with different theme. I would go anywhere I like, breakfast in England, lunch in Paris, dinner in Italy, perhaps. And I would never suffer.

I wish I were her. People would look at me. People would notice me. People would smile at me. People would never think every little thing I do is wrong. People would love me. And I would be happier.

I wish I were him. People would afraid of me. People would obey me. People would do whatever I asked them to. People would respect me. People would move aside when I walk. And I would never been hurt.

I wish I were there. Where everything seems so peaceful. Where everyone looks nice. Where nobody gets hurt. Where love is never been abused. And where I would never feel ugly.

I wish I were brave enough to face things. So that my tears would stop falling.

I wish I were strong enough. So that I would never fall, and tear apart.

I wish I were beautiful enough. So there would be no more teasing.

I wish I were smart enough. So everyone would notice me, and my parents would be proud of me.

I wish I were thin enough. So I could fit wearing things I like.

I wish I were studying English or International Relationship. So I could finish my thesis way quicker.

I wish I were happy. So I never have to be so depressed.

Life… didn’t go as I want. Life is never going easy on me. Life is scary. Life sucks, as sucks as mean-less songs. Life…. Some days taste like lemonade, and some days taste like razor-blade.

I wish I were in another life in my head. The good one. I wish I were better. I wish I were…. different.



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