October Challenge : 18th, Made You Smile Today


The weather is really hot, and I was lazying around in bed. My body is still hurt (even worse!), I am planning to go to massage center with Putri. While I was lazying around, I suddenly forgot I have laundry to dry off. I off from my bed and do the laundry. While I was planning to have shower, my childhood friend, Rhendy texts me and said he wants to visit me. I laughed. I am not in that bad condition to be visit of. He said it’s okay and wanted to bring me some meal and my favorite drink, Strawberry milkshake. All hail Rhendy!

I thanked him for coming and bringing food so that I didn’t have to go out in this hot weather (actually I can’t, probably Rina will go out). We eat, we talk, we laugh, and time for him to go pick his girlfriend. And Putri messages me that she’s on the way to pick me up. And bla bla bla. We go to the massage center, getting massage. But, sadly Putri reserved the massage wrong, it has to be full body massage, but instead she reserved for healing massage. My hands and legs are still in pain, though.

I text my boy and he made me pissed. So I stop texting him and just laying on bed. Shoot. Today is the worst. I wanted to join Rina and Inas to the saloon, but how? We only got one motorcycle. Ah. I really hate when things not go as I wanted.  I also had another countless fight with my scary mother in text messages. Kill me. Seems like I didn’t make someone smile today 😦 Or nothing make me smile today, not even my boy. Today is really the worst!



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