October Challenge : 16th, Lazy Day


Lazy day. For me, right now, every single day is my lazy day. Don’t ask why. All I did was sit around on my laptop and then playing with my cats, and tweeting. Let’s just say, the fact that there are not enough motivation from my self, if I never ever accomplish the feeling of fear in my self, I couldn’t do anything *long sigh here*.

Anyway, today is not a lucky day for me. I got an accident while I was on the way home with my sister, from grooming my cats. It’s because of the overweight, no, not me. It’s my sister plus my cats. And I lost my balance, and I tried so hard to hang on tight on my motorcycle, sadly my sister didn’t know what to do, so she just still sit in the back hoping I could found my balance again. But my left hand was getting tired and pain, so, I gave up and just fallen down my motorcycle 😦 I tried so hard to cover it, oh my poor Alexis, there’s this tiny scratch on the left front. She hurts 😦 Aaaaand….. ah. No more sad things I should wrote. I’ve wrote it enough in email to my two friends. The point is, now my left hand and my left leg are hurt so bad. Also my back. I think I couldn’t wrote more. Sorry.

*Tomorrow will be better*



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