Happy Birthday Bentar!

October 16th 2012, my boyfriend’s cousin, my sister’s bestfriend, Bentar Cucu Samibuti, is having a birthday 🙂 YAY! Happy Birthday Ben, you’re not getting older you’re just a little closer to death.


To those who might not know him, he is two years younger than me. He is class of 2009. He is studying Physic Technic. He is a good leader. He is a responsible one. He is kind to everyone. He never complains (until right now) if he’s been asked to do anything! He always laugh and smile and happy (keep this up, Ben!). He is a trustworthy person. He is AC Milan fan boy (you could tell). He is a narcissistic  He always claims that he’s handsome, go check his blog here. (It would be hard to read because he wrote in Indonesian) He loves to write and read. He is funny. He is a good writer, for sure. He’s awesome and has always been supportive ever since we knew each other ages ago 😉

So many wishes might come from your friends, and it might be doubled, or tripled, or more. But, the point is, they care and remembered your special day. In their busy day, they still had a time to write their wishes for you. And that kind of friends you must treasure, Ben! We wish you better than past years, of course. We wish you to enjoy your every slice of life you had. We wish you have an awesome life ahead!

It is indeed tough to stack candles on your cake, 
For I am truly running out of space.
It’s time we think of something new, 
But I ensure I’ll make it so true. 
Happy birthday dude
For genuine love and prayers here I send.


Happy Birthday! Keep writing! Barakallah~


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