October Challenge : 14th, Eye

Holly Molly. Eye. Why is it so hard to write??


So, eye. Well, I have brown eyes. Dark brown eyes, precisely. And they’re poorly, not in their best condition. I am the one who has to be blamed. I am the one who ruins them. I was always reading while laying on bed, and if it got darker and darker, I am too lazy to turn on the light (until my mom or dad walked in and mad and turn on the lights on my room). I was always watch television too close, because I’m so excited. And here I am, minus 2.25 right and left eye. And seems like I got nyctalopia  too! ( I am afraid to go to the doctor, because my mom will absolutely be mad at me, I rarely wear my glasses and contact lens. Adeline is freaking stupid. Tsk.) My glasses now is broken, because I accidentally walked on it in my bed. Yeah, I forgot where I put it, then when I jump on the bed, it’s broken. Stupid. On the other hand, my contact lens is already expired. So here I am, writing, reading, and watching without them. I felt so lost. And incomplete. And…. blind.

Ah. Enough. That’s too much. I am just fine 😉

Anyway, have you all ever watched horror movies with the title “eye” in them? It’s bloody scary. Tried some of them sometimes :p



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