October Challenge : 12th, Favorite Place


I am sorry I posted late again. Today my stomach aches because of my period is coming. I couldn’t go anywhere. All of my plans were canceled and I couldn’t get off of my bed (only to get shower). This evening, after I took long bath, I finally sit in front of my laptop again. It;s hard to concentrate to write a good story with this stomach aches and my feet are so tired. Sigh. Kids, why don’t you just go out with no pain? It’s only on my period, I wonder if I have to give birth to two kids? I can’t imagine it now. Only thinking about it just make my stomach even more in pain 😐

Favorite place. So…. I am a bit confused. Which one is my favorite place, bookstore or my bedroom. And maybe I’ll go with bedroom. Yea. My most favorite place is my bedroom. Why you ask? Easy. It’s comfortable, of course. It has a bed to rolled down, to cry to, to jump in to, to read some books, even to eat in my bed. My bedroom is I think, the safest place in entire world. I had some things that sharp enough to defense myself with, if in case, there would be a robbery. Although I’d rather be dead than they didn’t do nothing but take my things away. Then my bedroom is my kingdom. I put everything I love here. I saved some diaries locked in my drawers (those are the most humiliating thing in the world!). I got some posters of my favorite bands, which I always talking to them, acting as if they’re alive 😐 I also got some wall stickers (by the way I sell some of it, wanna buy it? ;p) in my walls. I got my time schedule and some photos of my friends there. Aaaaand, the most important thing in my bedroom is, my huge book shelf. I treasure them the most. Although it would be inconvenient because I didn’t get the bathroom myself 😦 My sisters have one in their room. NO FAIR. Maybe it’s because they have to share rooms together. Maybe.

My bedroom is big enough for me and my book shelf :p It’s blue, no need to explain it, yes I love blue color. It’s soft. My sheet is blue too, almost all of my things there is blue, such as frames photos, dolls, little racks, window curtains, tissue box, clock, table lamp, key chains, glasses, slippers, towels, yeah, almost everything. Haha. My mom once mad at me because I also bought blue tshirts and shirts. And also blue skirts. She said that if one day I need to wear another color, black for example, for a funeral, what would I wear? So, starting that day I tried not to buy some blue clothes.  Back to main point, my bedroom. Hmm, although I feel it’s the safest place in the whole world, I also think that it has some powers that make me won’t overcome my disorder. Because I think that almost every corner of my bedroom, it contains my sadness. *sigh* I really need to overcome it. I have to be strong.



ps, those are not my bedroom looks like. Just kind of my bedroom 😉 it’s because I don’t have a picture of my bedroom 😦 so sorry. One day when I back home, I’ll take some pictures of it 😉



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